we're on vegan life's favourite list

We are so proud to announce that our range of Nigerian base cooking sauces called Obe-Ata has been featured in the May edition of Vegan Life magazine. We are also thrilled that Obe-Ata has been selected in ...Our favourites this month section.

As we flicked through the pages celebrating our feature, we found an interesting feature titled Breakfasts From Around The World. So, from Toyin’s Kitchen to yours check out our Nigerian Vegan Breakfast recipe which is Scrambled Wara in Obe-Ata served with plantain. It is super easy to prepare and an absolute must try!

Toyin Foodie Fact: Soya beans are grown widely in parts of Nigeria. A well known dish cooked from soya is called Wara which is referred to as Tofu in the Western world.

Find out how to cook Scrambled Wara in Obe-Ata served with plantain in our RECIPE section.

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