Most of Nigerian dishes use Obe-Ata as the base.

vegan | gluten free | 3 levels of chilli strength for your dishes

Ọbé-Ạtạ sauce

Ọbé-Ạtạ is an original Nigerian cooking sauce made of only tomatoes, peppers, chilli and onions.


Ọbé-Ạtạ is ideal for cooking traditional Nigerian dishes such as Jollof rice & Nigerian stews but as a versatile cooking sauce you can use Ọbé-Ạtạ for all your tomato based dishes! 


Available in 3 strengths;


Ever So Mild: 

Ọbé-Ạtạ Ever So Mild provides a full of  flavour without the heat. Great for weaning.


The Medium: 

Ọbé-Ạtạ Medium provides a piquant and gentle warming heat to your dishes. Great for those of you that love that extra kick of spice to your dishes! 

The Playing with Fire: 

Ọbé-Ạtạ Playing With Fire is for those of you chilli heads that adore and love the extremely fiery and tasty delicious scotch bonnet heat in your dishes just like me! you can add the whole jar or a few tablespoons to your cooking to give it that unmissable kick. 

WARNING! This strength is exactly what it says on the jar! 

In my range of Ọbé-Ạtạ sauces, I have chosen not add any salt, sugar, fat, preservatives or seasoning, I intentionally did this because I believe, as a cook part of the joy of cooking is experimenting with different tastes and flavours, like adding a traditional stock cube to Ọbé-Ạtạ, or a tablespoon of ground crayfish, or mincing garlic with some torn basil leaves. Ọbé-Ạtạ will allow you to do just that! The second reason that cooking with Ọbé-Ạtạ is a healthier for you and your loved ones.

I guarantee you that Ọbé-Ạtạ will lift your dishes to a new spectacular level of taste! 

Ọbé-Ạtạ supports clean eating. 


No hidden or added, sugars, fats, and salts.


100% Natural ingredients



Ọbé-Ạtạ is also high in vitamin C as well as being a source of the antioxidant betacarotene.