Ọbé-Ạtạ sauce

vegan | gluten free | 5 levels of chilli strength for your dishes

Ọbé-Ạtạ sauce

Ọbé-Ạtạ is a traditional West African base cooking sauce that dates back hundreds of years. Translated, Ọbé-Ạtạ means the natural sauce that comes from a blend of tomatoes, peppers and onions; the only ingredients you will find in this product.


Ọbé-Ạtạ provides a great depth of flavour to all your dishes. It is fast and versatile to use. Customers are substituting tinned tomatoes for Ọbé-Ạtạ to cook dishes such as curries, bolognese, sausage casseroles and Jollof rice. The sauce is also being used as a spread for pizza bases and a few drops can be added to salad dressing for that extra kick.


Ọbé-Ạtạ is available in a variety of strengths. Ever So Mild is popular with Mums cooking dishes for young children, Mild has a slight kick of pepper, Medium is where it starts to appeal to those seeking a spicy dish, which is then followed by Hot and finally Playing with fire for those who dare to challenge their taste buds


Ọbé-Ạtạ supports clean eating. How?  

No hidden or added, sugars, fats, and salts.

100% Natural ingredients



Ọbé-Ạtạ is also high in vitamin C as well as being a source of the antioxidant betacarotene.

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