Ideal for family meals

I believe that children should have access to healthy home cooked meals from an early age. My Obe-Ata cooking sauces are packed full of only healthy and natural goodness. All you taste in a jar of Obe-Ata are the fresh & ingredients and nothing else.

As busy parents, sometimes we want to buy that ready meal or takeaway for quick included. You want to serve up a quick yet healthy meal for our family, we want to see our children’s happy faces eating that yummy food.

Obe-Ata can do all this and more. Obe-Ata is in a separate category when it comes to cooking sauces. My Obe-Ata cooking sauces are honest with no hidden salts, fats or sugars. Parents love cooking with Obe- Ata because it is full of natural goodness, it tastes great and when you pour in your jar to any dish, the texture is silky smooth so Kids do not pick out ‘bits.

This picture was taken and shared with us by a customer, mum of 3 young children living in the UAE living over 4,430 miles away! Their faces say it all.

Mum proudly cooked Jollof rice, a popular Nigerian dish enjoyed and loved by many all over the world. This made me so happy knowing that the kids enjoyed this delicious Jollof rice made with Toyin’s Kitchen Obe-Ata cooking sauce.

Why not make Obe-Ata your new ‘go to’ cooking sauce for your casseroles, curries, soups and stews. Chose Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen and you too can cook tasty every day meals to indulgent eats.

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