• Who is Toyin-Toyin is the founder of Toyin’s Kitchen, you can read about how she came up with the idea of creating the range of Nigerian base cooking sauces in About Obe Ata. Toyin is an enthusiastic home cook and loves sharing her culinary creations and sometimes challenges  with friends, family and clients as she works in the homeless sector and has been doing so for over 12 years and counting. Read more about A Sauce with a Cause 

  • What does the word Obe-Ata mean?  Obe-Ata is the Nigerian name used  generically to describe a base sauce used for most Nigerian cooking.  

  • What is in  Obe-Ata and how do I use it? Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen is a base sauce made of tomatoes, peppers and onions and can be used in any recipe that calls for either fresh or tinned tomatoes. It’s especially great to use in Nigerian dishes such as Jollof rice, Nigerian stews, Peanut Stew and soups. Obe-Ata is such a versatile base sauce that it can be used for other dishes from around the world! Check out our recipe section

  • What country does Obe-Ata originate from? Nigeria


Product Information

  • What is the allergen information for Obe-Ata? I am proud to say that  the entire range of Obe-Ata cooking sauces are free from all 14 allergens. For more information read the blog section about Our Cooking Sauce is Now Short listed in the Allergy and Free From 2019 Awards

  • Are the Obe-Ata sauces gluten free? Yes the range of Obe-Ata cooking sauces from Toyin’s Kitchen are all gluten free.

  • Is Obe-Ata dairy free? Yes the range of Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen is dairy free. Did I mention that Obe-Ata is free from all 14 allergens...

  • Is Obe-Ata sugar free? Yes, the range of Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen is sugar free. There is no added sugar, the only sweetness you can taste is the natural occurring sugars from the ingredients.

  • Is Obe-Ata suitable for Vegans? Yes is the answer. Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen is a fully plant based cooking sauce. 

  • Why do you say Shake Before Use? Obe-Ata is made carefully following the traditional Nigerian cooking method which means there is no presence of any thickeners, preservatives or emulsifiers.  Before cooking, you may  find a natural separation, all you have to do is give the jar a loving shake and you're good to get cooking!  A natural separation just indicates that Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen  is not full of thickening agents, additives and preservatives.

  • What is the shelf life of a jar of Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen? Unopened a jar of Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen lasts for 1 year, once opened pop it in the fridge and use within 3 days.

  • Where are your products made? Obe-Ata is made in small batches from my kitchen. We are currently looking to move to a bigger kitchen space in the near future once Covid restrictions are lifted.

  • Why is there no salt or any seasoning in my jar of Obe-Ata from Toyin’s? This is because Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen has maintained the traditional Nigerian recipe by not adding seasoning. As a base cooking sauce Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen puts the cook firmly in control  allowing the cook to add individual salt or seasoning along with the  ingredients and spices to create the perfect dish suited to your taste. 

  • How spicy is the Ever So Mild Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen? Ever So Mild Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen has no heat. Suitable for everyone great for baby weaning.

  • How spicy is Medium Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen? The Medium strength Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen provides a bold piquancy to your dishes and is for people that like to taste some bold heat in their foods.

  • How spicy is the Playing With Fire Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen?  Playing with Fire Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen is for the chilli heads (like Toyin!) that love EXTREMELY spicy heat in their food.

  • How do I cook with Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen? Where a recipe calls for tinned or fresh tomatoes use Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen and guaranteed your family and friends will notice the difference.

  • I am not happy with my product. I would like to make a complaint. I am so sorry that you are not satisfied with your product from Toyin’s Kitchen. Please email us at enquiries@toyinskitchen.co.uk with as much information as possible. You can include photos and the expiry date so we can trace back to the production batch and investigate your complaint thoroughly.



  • How is Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen packaged? All jars of Obe-Ata come in a 370ml glass jar.

  • Is a jar of Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen recyclable? Yes 


Online Shop

  • Do you ship orders nationwide within the UK? Yes

  • How long will  it take to receive my order? Our standard delivery time is 4-5 working days from the date of your order.

  • Can I return my Toyin’s Kitchen order and get a refund? We really hope you love your order, but if you do change your mind you may return the product within 30 days of purchase in its original condition and we’ll issue a refund.