Coconut Curries & Antiques - Summer 2018

Going into to meet with the team of The Old Cinema to discuss the possibility of Nigerian street food being served in their Pop up garden made me a bit nervous. Roll on three months. Our residency in the “Secret garden” (referred to by us and many excited customers at their discovery) of 3 months has now finished.

We had amazing time running our weekend pop up restaurant at the Old Cinema. We loved meeting people from near and far. I was amazed that so many people that had been expats in Nigeria are now living in Chiswick. You shared so many of your memories with me, hugged me, encouraged me and were excited.

The funky sounds of Nigeria’s king of afro beat Fela Anikulapokuti filtered onto the shop floor whilst the inviting aroma of our coconut curries classic wafted down the shop. We saw customers dancing, toddlers standing by the speakers waving to us and dancing, young couples dancing, mums dancing with their children, we were dancing, all in the pop up garden. An incredible atmosphere.

We were blessed with the most amazing weather this summer and watched the World Cup ‘in Style’ in the pop up garden; with three outdoor TV’s mounted around the beautiful orange brick walls – ensuring no one missed a moment wherever you sat in the pop up garden. People began booking tables in advance, and at each match we sold out so fast- our coconut curries served with Jollof rice and salad were well enjoyed. The crowd would burst into “It's coming home it’s coming home” waving their England flags; it was such a nice way to cheer for England together with our customers.

Our signature coconut curries with Jollof rice have been a big hit and a huge success this summer. Our Obe-Ata cooking sauces were equally popular.

We left with great memories, new friends and feeling closer to the Chiswick community. Serving that last spoonful of Chickpea and Kale coconut curry to our last customer this summer has been an absolute pleasure and privilege.

Thank you Martin & The Old Cinema’s wonderful team and thank you to all of you who came and supported Toyin’s Kitchen.

We will be back!!


If you are missing our coconut curry,

Order from deliveroo if you are local, or email us at

We will be posting our recipes on Social Media!!

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