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"As Natural as any Cooking Sauce Should Be" 

Toyin’s Kitchen was founded by Toyin  Ajayi who created her range of natural Nigerian  cooking sauces when she found it challenging to find  a tomato base cooking sauce that was healthy, quick and easy to use and gave the cook the freedom and control to add  seasoning of their choice  that they wanted and not what was packaged.; in other words a health blank canvass for cooking.


Being a Single  Mum, especially when her twins were very young and often juggling business and family life as so many of you amazing parents can identify with,  Toyin wanted her range of Obe-Ata cooking sauces to be versatile and  time saving , so where the blender was needed to make a base  all that work had now been taken care of in a simple jar of Obe-Ata.  Also the possibilities are endless what you can cook with Obe-Ata, please check our recipes.

"I believe that everyone should be able to buy  a product that is healthy, tasty and affordable and one that especially provides  a healthy start for young children from the weening stage. I hope that one day soon Obe-Ata will become a store cupboard staple"


Toyin's Recipes

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We hope find our recipes as exciting & delicious as we did creating them. All recipes are made from our range of Obe-Ata cooking sauces. Order your jar through our website and prepare healthy tasty meals for you & your loved ones in minutes!


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