Scrambled Wara in Obe-Ata served with Fried Plantain

15 Minutes

2 Servings


Wara is made from soya beans and soya milk. It's made by soaking the soya beans for a minimum of 2 +hours hours. After blending we strain into a cloth ( we usually do it outside). After extracting the liquid we boil it in a pot and then add lemon juice then it starts to coagulate. The lemon helps wara to come together. Filter hot liquid then you can add onions, peppers or spices which we do then it can be fried and eaten with Nigerian stew or coated in eggs and fried. Frying is the most popular way we eat Wara in Nigeria x

Scrambled Wara in Obe-Ata served with Fried Plantain


Scrambled Wara

  1. Mash the Wara  with a fork until it looks scrambled

  2. Add the milk and mix thoroughly

  3. Add the turmeric, and seasoning

  4. Next heat oil in frying pan

  5. Add the onions and allow to saute-add water to soften onions further and reduce the heat

  6. Pour in scrambled Wara and mix well

  7. Add your Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen

  8. Allow to cook for 2 minutes on a low heat

  9. Add chopped basil

  10. Turn off heat and allow basil to infuse scrambled Wara and serve with fried plantain.

Fried Plantain

  1. Peel plantain (see  youtube channel video)

  2. Pour cooking oil into frying pan and heat on medium heat

  3. Gently add plantain pieces into oil

  4. After 1 ½  minutes turn plantain and repeat until both sides are golden brown

  5. Take out of oil and place on kitchen towel to drain excess oil

  6. Sprinkle with salt and serve


Scrambled Wara

  • 7 tablespoons Obe-Ata from Toyin’s Kitchen Medium

  • 4 Fresh Basil leaves

  • ½ Red onion finely chopped

  • ½ block Firm wara/tofu

  • 2 tablespoon Water

  • ¼  teaspoon Turmeric

  • 4 tablespoons Plant based milk ( I used Almond milk)

  • 3 teaspoon Envita Seasoning of your choice (adjust to taste)

  • 2 tablespoon Cooking oil

Fried Plantain

  • 1 firm Ripe plantain (should look mottled in appearance)

  • ½ Cooking oil

  • Salt to taste (optional)