Our cooking sauce is now shortlisted in the Free From Food Awards Store Cupboard category!

In order for any product to enter the Free From Food Award, the product has to be free from at least one out of the 14 allergens; Obe-Ata is free of all 14 allergens . So I entered my Mild strength Obe-Ata cooking sauce. This has been a huge accomplishment in itself for us at Toyin’s kitchen.

free from food awards 2019

The Mild strength Obe-Ata was entered into the Store Cupboard category sponsored by Orgran in The Free From Food awards 2019. We are so proud to have been short listed from 1000’s of entrants. Obe-Ata natural based cooking sauce is now SHORTLISTED for a FREE FROM FOOD AWARD 2019 in the store cupboard category and was Up against well-established and house-hold brands.

Obe-Ata is a healthy, versatile cooking sauce that has no added sugars, salts or fat. Obe-AtaỌbé-Ạtạ does not contain emulsifiers, additives or preservatives.

Obe-Ata is the perfect healthy ingredient to go with your store cupboard food essentials.

According to the British Heart Foundation and BBC Good Food and many other popular websites the main store cupboard ingredients are :

  1. Plum tomatoes

  2. Rice

  3. Pulses such as: chickpeas, lentils, butter beans and kidney beans

  4. Tinned Tuna, salmon & sardines

  5. Herbs & Spices such as: oregano, smoked paprika, curry powder, garlic powder & cumin

  6. Dried pasta

  7. Oil such as Sunflower oil or Olive Oil

  8. Flour – to thicken sauces and stews

  9. Dark chocolate- slightly indulgent but with 2-3 squares you can add a wonderful dimension to chilli or stews

  10. Coconut milk – great for making curries

  11. Chilli (Good news! Obe-Ata has a slight amount of fresh chilli kick so from now on you don’t need chilli as Obe-Ata provides a wonderful piquancy)

  12. Anchovy – this is excellent in providing seasoning for sauces and stews

  13. Vegetables

Apart from the freshness of taste, Obe-Ata cooking sauce has been described as versatile, easy to use and adaptable by customers who are always amazed by the variety of dishes that can be created using Obe-Ata when scratch cooking.

Toyin’s Kitchen wants to make a difference and inspire people to cook with Obe-Ata whilst at the same time giving you the customer full control of what goes into your food.

Obe-Ata delivers on taste, ease & convenience.

Obe-Ata provides you cooking freedom and transparency for you and your families. Obe-Ata is a true all rounder!

Look out for my next blog post where I will be uploading pasta recipes, stew recipes and marinade ideas using store cupboard ingredients and Obe-Ata as the base cooking sauce.


“Obe-Ata is a sauce in it’s purest form”

“Magic sauce”

“You don’t have to do much when you cook with Obe-Ata, it is not just a plain tomato sauce”

“Obe-Ata sauce is a game changer!”

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